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Rob Phelan, Founder and President

American Hero is a veteran owned and operated company specializing in providing new roofs to Florida homeowners who have suffered storm damage. We play a key role in the restoration process and work closely with insurance companies and local authorities to provide you maximum value.

We are an ethical, reliable and proven contractor with a verifiable history of thousands of completed builds and satisfied customers. AHC bridges the complex gap between the insured and insurance company for roof restorations.

While customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we also strive to establish and maintain an amicable working relationship with all insurance companies as well as local and state permitting authorities.

We adhere carefully to the AOB requirements of Florida Statute 627.7152 regarding the Assignment of Benefits for roof replacement.


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Fort Myers
Steven Fowler
General Manager: Steven Fowler

Counties: Lee - Collier - Charlotte

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Counties: Brevard - Orange - Indian River

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Orange City
Roque Fuentes
General Manager: Roque Fuentes

Counties: Lake - Seminole - Volusia

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Tyrone Cornileus
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Counties: Orange - Polk - Osceola

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St. Augustine
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General Manager: John Mann

Counties: Duval - Flagler - St. Johns

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Our administrative and support staff are the backbone of AHC.

Dave Strohl
Dave Strohl
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Richard Gross
Accounting and IT
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Katherine Harnest
Executive Admin

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James Bouie
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An AHC Field Inspector or Project Manager will carefully inspect your roof for damage, leaks and general wear. We accomplish this by climbing the roof, flying a small drone with a camera to take high-resolution images, or both. We may or may not find damage sufficient to file a claim.
Typical damage may include:

  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Moisture
  • Loose or Broken Shingles
  • Structural Damage
  • Time-worn Roofing Materials


    Our Initial Agreement with you allows us to perform an accurate assessment of damages to your property. At the time of signing we contact your insurance company on a joint telephone call, advise them of the claim and you are assigned a Claim Number. If your claim is denied, the Initial Agreement is void.
    This Agreement contains an Assignment of Benefits which affords you, the insured, many benefits and protections. We support those protections for you. Your rights afforded by FL-627.7152 are incorporated by reference and shown specifically in our Initial Agreement.


    After their evaluation your insurance carrier will provide a Statement of Loss (Loss Statement) along with their initial estimate of what they will pay for your roof replacement.
    AHC often submits additional information to the insurance company in the form of a "Supplement" to advise them of necessary additional costs, such as materials they may have overlooked or items needed to meet building code requirements.

    In many instances this step in the process is clear and goes smoothly. In other circumstances it requires negotiation.


    After the Adjustment is complete and satisfactory we prepare an Addendum to Agreement specifying the scope of work, conditions, warranties, pricing, and responsibilities.

    It also includes a detailed material list, as well as your color choices.

    The Addendum to Agreement serves as the final contractual document, providing the basis and detail needed to move ahead with planning, material ordering, and scheduling your restoration.


    After scheduling your work and ordering materials we will file the required Notice of Commencement required by each county, advising them of and gaining their authorization to begin work.

    At this time we also secure the building permit necessary to perform the work. Permits are issued by each county are are required to be secured and posted on your premises during our work.

    This process is required by all Florida counties and serves to ensure building code compliance, and protect your property.

    BUILD DAY(s)

    The day(s) of your build/restoration will be a busy time on your property. Your Project Manager will discuss this in detail and advise you of specific requirements, such as your driveway being free of vehicles so that we can move material and personnel in and out.

    At this point it has typically been 6-8 weeks since we started with the Initial Agreement. We know you're ready to have it finished!

    We normally complete the build in 1-3 days, depending upon the size of your roof, materials used, and weather conditions.


    When your installation is complete and all excess materials and debris have been removed, we perform a meticulous final inspection to make certain that nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

    Excess materials will be inventoried and a set of photos taken for documentation. We make certain that all debris is moved from your property, and we magnetically sweep for nails and fasteners.

    Your Project Manager will consult with you after this inspection.


    When the job is complete you will receive two (2) Certificates of Completion.

    The first will be between AHC and the insured certifying that both parties are satisfied with the quality and completeness of the work.

    The second will be from your local county authority certifying that they have performed a final inspection and that our work meets all code requirements.

    These documents memorialize the end of the restoration, as well as the beginning of your Warranty period.